“What would I do without my tech? She has been a tremendous asset to my son and myself for four years now. She goes above and beyond the call of duty in her ability to be creative. Never has she hesitated to create, suggest, or apply her knowledge and ability to the best interest of my child and myself.”

    “My husband and I could not be more pleased with the support we receive from our Family Consultant. I have learned a lot from my Family Consultant and have even brought her ideas to my son’s school program. She is very constructive and creative and flexible. My son has grown tremendously under her instruction.”

    “I really appreciate the structure of your program. I have seen it evolve over the years and it holds everyone accountable for their jobs. The supports you’ve offered my family over the years has made raising my daughter much easier.”

Our Philosophy and Mission

    The Whole Self Center’s philosophy suggests that every human being is more than a body with a brain. When caring for a child – a whole person - we are experiencing the creative spirit present in that child & in ourselves.

    • As we remain interested in exploring creative possibilities for the individual in the moment, we are more open to experiencing something new, such as developing a valuable skill we never knew or thought was possible.
    • In this way, we are less likely to stay stuck in repeating our old, inhibiting habits & behaviors.
    • By living this understanding with individuals with autism, we continue to become better able to respect & support children for who they already are, deserving of love & attention simply for being.

About Us - Meet our Family Consultants

Sara Wagner – Family Consultant AND Coordinating On-Site Supervisor for our Therapeutic Integration Program

Master’s Degree – Severe Disabilities
Bachelor’s Degree – Elementary Education, Special Education, English

License and/or Certification:
Elementary Education (grades 1 – 6), Special Education (grades 1 – 6), English. Maryland: Professional Certification Elementary Education (grades 1 – 6), Special Education (grades 1 – 8), CPI Certification

Verbal Behavior Training, TEACCH Training, 7 years full time teach in a self – contained classroom, Early Intervention summer internship during undergrad, Home Hospital Teaching, Assistive Technology, Community Based Instruction, ADOS training.

University(s) attended:
Niagara University, Johns Hopkins University

Areas of expertise:
Behavioral Interventions, Community Based Instruction, Modifying programs to ensure success and independence, working with the family to create a dynamic home program

Personal Vision is to bring my skills to as many families as possible so that I can share my knowledge and together we can set their child(ren) up for success. I encourage my families to advocate for their child who is not yet able to self – advocate. All children can be successful.

Ashley Harig – Family Consultant AND On-Site Supervisor for our Therapeutic Integration Program.

Masters in Education, Certified School Counselor (k – 12), BS in Psychology, minor in special education

License and/or Certification:
Nationally Board Certified Counselor (NCC), Certified inn Crisis Prevention, CPR/First Aide

I have worked with families and children with autism for thirteen years. I have worked in many capacities and realms in the field of autism. Connecting the resources between school, home, and the community is essential in services families. I enthusiastically accepted the challenges.

University(s) attended:
McDaniel College, Certificate in Curriculum and School Administration; Loyola College, Masters in Education; Towson University, BS with a minor in special education

Areas of expertise:
Autism Spectrum, sensory integration, ADHD, Bi polar disorder

Personal vision: I am committed to supporting families in their home and community. I wholeheartedly enjoy working with families and The Whole Self Center.

Laura K. Parsons – Family Consultant/Adult Life Planner

Master’s Degree in Special Education
Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with minor in French

License and/or Certification:
Secondary Special Education

12 years teaching special education in Howard County Public Schools (10 years teaching middle school, 2 years teaching high school) residential manager for one year through the ARC of Howard County, coach - Special Olympics Bowling for teens and adults.

University(s) Attended:
John’s Hopkins (studies in Autism), Western Maryland College (McDaniel), UMBC

Areas of expertise:
Secondary Special Education
Behavior Management
Expert in creating modified materials (academic and home)
Creating visual supports for all environments
Assistive technology devices
Computer skills
Microsoft Office
Writing with symbols

Rochelle Matthews – Somerville, PhD – Family Consultant

PhD in Psychological and Cultural Studies emphasis on Autism, Severe Disabilities, AAC

License and/or Certification:
Maryland Teaching Certification in Early Childhood/Special Education

1994 – present
Autism preschool teacher, PG County Public Schools
Home – based therapies for children with autism (MD, KS, NE)
Special education resource teacher (in KS)
Autism specialist for PG County Public School System
University Professor coordinating the Early Childhood/ Special Education undergrad program
Consultant to Public and Private School systems delivering autism training related to: disability awareness – characteristics, positive behavioral supports, communication, social skills
Research interests/publications include disability awareness of service personnel, AAC and individuals with autism

University(s) attended:
Bowie State University, University of Kansas, University of Nebraska

Areas of expertise:
Supports for Early Communicators

Other Languages:
Fluent in sign language

Personal Vision is to use my expertise and experience in ways that make families feel more comfortable and confident in their skills to work with their child/ren while helping to improve the quality of life of all the children I am involved with.