“What would I do without my tech? She has been a tremendous asset to my son and myself for four years now. She goes above and beyond the call of duty in her ability to be creative. Never has she hesitated to create, suggest, or apply her knowledge and ability to the best interest of my child and myself.”

    “My husband and I could not be more pleased with the support we receive from our Family Consultant. I have learned a lot from my Family Consultant and have even brought her ideas to my son’s school program. She is very constructive and creative and flexible. My son has grown tremendously under her instruction.”

    “I really appreciate the structure of your program. I have seen it evolve over the years and it holds everyone accountable for their jobs. The supports you’ve offered my family over the years has made raising my daughter much easier.”


Our Philosophy and Mission


    The Whole Self Center’s philosophy suggests that every human being is more than a body with a brain. When caring for a child – a whole person - we are experiencing the creative spirit present in that child & in ourselves.

    • As we remain interested in exploring creative possibilities for the individual in the moment, we are more open to experiencing something new, such as developing a valuable skill we never knew or thought was possible.
    • In this way, we are less likely to stay stuck in repeating our old, inhibiting habits & behaviors.
    • By living this understanding with individuals with autism, we continue to become better able to respect & support children for who they already are, deserving of love & attention simply for being.

Contact Us

Our administrative office is located at
331 Gambrills Rd. Suite 4A Gambrills, MD 21054

office: 410-923-1100      fax: 410-923-1101

Our Therapeutic Integration Program is held at The Whole Self FriendShip Center
331 Gambrills Road, Suite 10, Gambrills MD 21054
Phone: 410-923-1155

While currently providing direct services in ten Maryland counties Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Calvert, Charles, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s and St. Mary’s counties, we are always willing to expand into other counties when asked. 

We are essentially a virtual agency that is linked by this secure website. We assign each of our clients an ID number. We also assign each family and staff member a username and password to access our Whole Self Monitoring System. This allows parents - along with the family's WSC direct care team members and supervisors - to monitor the progress of their children online. We are also able to communicate to all employees via our website either by using our company-wide "Supervisory Message from the Director", or by contacting specific employees as needed.

It is our goal to maintain open communication with our families, employees, community resource specialists, and state and federal regulators while remaining within the boundaries of our agency's professional responsibilites.

Anyone in the general public is welcome to email us
with comments, questions, and/or concerns.
Stephen C. Hartman, LCSW-C, Founder/Executive Director,
Aileen D. Helm, RN, MS, BCBA, Clinical Director,
Judi Weaver, Office Manager,