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As a Maryland Medical Assistance Autism Waiver Provider The Whole Self Center is committed to helping individuals with autism, their families, and the people who serve them use a person-centered approach to gain a greater sense of independence and quality of life. We know that all of us can learn from one another, and we welcome the opportunity to grow together in the spirit of good will and integrity.

We are determined to maintain high quality services. In January 2011, state regulators found zero findings during their audit of our policies, procedures, and client and employee files. We were designated as among the top 3% of all Autism Waiver Providers in Maryland


We provide Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS), Respite Care, Family Consulting, Adult Life Planning, and Therapeutic Integration.

The Whole Self Center supports children and adolescents with autism and their families to explore the innate well-being and creativity of their whole self – the whole and capable person they truly are.

• Although we acknowledge disabilities, we focus on the simple truth that each of us has certain-abilities.
• Everyone's interests and strengths, no matter how small, can be nurtured to develop.
• By taking the time to support a person’s individuality we build a trusting relationship which is essential for real learning to occur.

We are unique because our goal is to provide high quality service; we continue to invest time and energy in our agency’s growth – making adjustments to our policies and procedures that have a direct effect on our families and employees.